Peace & Pure's mission is to revolutionise the beauty industry by holistically integrating mental wellness into beauty. We want to bring awareness of the mind - skin connection. To make more people aware that our mental and emotional wellbeing has a direct impact on our skin and general physical well-being. We want to promote using natural, safe, effective and nourishing ingredients to create long term skin health benefits other than products focusing on short-term quick fixes.

We want to build a vibrant global brand community that generates a positive social impact in the world.  For Peace & Pure to become a brand symbolising holistic wellness and beauty, and associated with feelings of peace, love, warmth, and caring support. 

In order for us to achieve this vision, we need your help spreading the word and helping us grow. 
Our goal is to partner with individuals who love our brand and products and resonate with our brand values and mission.


- Get a referral discount code for your network of customers, unique to you.
- Earn commission each time someone uses your code to make a purchase.
- Bonus pay
- Other ambassador perks, including special community online and offline wellness events. Attend future new product launch events. Access to exclusive community content. 
If you are interested please get in touch by filling out the form in the below link.