Beauty Meets Emotional Wellbeing And Self-Love.



From Routine To Ritual

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum

Feel Nourished - Skin, Mind & Soul.

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum holds the answer to healthy, radiant and visibly younger-looking skin. Enhanced by the power of nature, this premium age-defying serum has been created by skincare formulation experts to nourish, hydrate and smooth all skin types using a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients. Organic, certified vegan and cruelty-free, 100% derived from botanicals.

  • Natural bio-retinol smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Free-radical fighting antioxidants
  • Contains ingredient that shields against blue light
  • Divine scent lifts your spirit and calms your senses
  • A relaxing spa experience at home every day

Receive a complimentary gift of the Beauty & Wellbeing Series booklet with a 30ml purchase. 



The Unique Peace & Pure Experience

nourish the skin, the mind, and the spirit.



Feel Elevated & Nourished With Timeless Elixir

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum



About Us.

Peace & Pure is passionate about emotional wellbeing, and the mind - skin connection. We want to bring awareness and bridge the gap between your inner emotional world and your outer appearances, as we understand the deep connection between emotional wellbeing and beautiful, glowing skin.

Everyday stresses and strains can quickly build up and show in the form of a tired, dull or irritable-looking complexion. By changing your everyday skincare routine into a ritual of pampering self-love with powerful natural ingredients, you can achieve astounding results. We developed Timeless Elixir Facial Serum to nourish the skin, the mind and the spirit, allowing your inner beauty to shine.


Most of us already have a skincare routine daily. Whether it's 5 minutes or longer, this me-time is a perfect opportunity to tune in to yourself, pause and reset, to give yourself the love and attention you deserve. At Peace & Pure we want to utilise this opportunity to offer love, support and inspiration to you in your daily routine, and elevate your skincare routine to a tranquil daily healing ritual of self-love, a soulful experience that lifts your spirit.

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Combining the power of 20 potent natural ingredients, our Timeless Elixir Facial Serum is the answer for visibly younger-looking skin and a healthier, naturally glowing complexion. Intentionally formulated to nourish your skin, your mind, and your spirit.