Why Timeless Elixir Facial Serum Works?

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum is an oil-based facial serum that contains potent active ingredients, organic plant extracts and superfood seed oils.

Reading into plant and seed oils, each is bursting with benefits. But not all oils are made equal for the skin. Any plant oil will provide some benefit when applied directly to our face. But in order to find the one that’s going to bring true, measurable change to the appearance of our skin - the one that’s going to deliver visible improvement on your skin- we shall look at a few key factors: 

The choice of ingredients and their quality is an obvious one. Choosing ingredients that research has shown offer amazing benefits for the skin is crucial, and their quality - how each ingredient is extracted, processed and produced, is also critical for its effects on our skin. 

The second is concentration. How much of an ingredient is included is often the difference between products that work and those that don’t. When the optimal concentration is not considered, no matter the quality of these precious ingredients, they’re less able to do their job. For many ingredients, the higher the concentration, the better. For some, like our precious Bakuchiol, there is a delicate balance. Plus, to set the perfect concentration percentage for each of the 20 botanicals inside Timeless Elixir, to deliver the best skincare results, the right balance is key.

Why Oils

The amazing thing about plant oils is that they are akin to our skin's natural oils (sebum). Unlike water molecules, they have a similar molecular structure, meaning they work with our natural skin functions, rather than against them. Water-soluble products have their benefits, but since our skin is waterproof, products that have a high concentration of oil-soluble ingredients are what deliver true, visible change. And when they’re at the optimum balanced percentage of concentration, that’s when they can really work wonders.

Optimal Concentration

Achieving optimal concentration was a central pillar in the development of our Timeless Elixir Serum. This pillar stands in solidarity with another: to maintain pure intention in developing a product that nourishes not just your skin, also your spirit. So how does the Timeless Elixir achieve this, and what roles do quality and concentration play in this multiple plant oil-based miracle-worker?

First of all, our Timeless Elixir Serum is a 100% botanical experience, using organically sourced ingredients for the very best quality. Checking the ingredients lists of standard skincare products, you’ll see whole lists of ‘unpronounceables’ before you get to the ones which may have benefits to your skin. If the natural plant oils in your products are halfway down the list after lots of ‘unpronounceables’, that means their concentration may be low, and you won’t reap their full benefits. With the Timeless Elixir, there’s no padding, bulking, or diluting, that each of its ingredients delivers real improvement for your skin. 

Star Ingredients 

Here are a few ingredients you rarely see in drugstore products: Bakuchiol, Blueberry NECTA™ and Tomato Carotenoids, and we may say you won't see them all together contained inside one drugstore product alone. 

Bakuchiol, Blueberry NECTA™ are nature’s answer to retinol, which stimulate collagen production in our skin for a more youthful appearance. Bakuchiol is a stable, small-molecule, natural extract from the psoralea corylifolia (or babchi) plant. Its use in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine spans back centuries. It’s powerfully penetrative, and - amazingly - doesn’t irritate like synthetic retinols, and can be used at day time.

Blueberry NECTA™ is another pro-retinol that’s super sustainable too. It’s upcycled from blueberries that have been saved from waste. Not only is it high in essential fatty acids, making it an excellent absorber, it actually helps other active ingredients to better penetrate the skin’s barrier. It absorbs blue light from the sun, and from our screens - desperately needed in these locked-down, WFH days, and eats up free radicals that cause stress and ageing to our skin. 

Another co-starring ingredient in the Timeless Elixir is Tomato Carotenoids - powerful, oil-soluble antioxidants extracted from non-GMO tomatoes. Their role lies not just in penetrating the skin, but in their power to absorb harmful UV rays from the sun. Tomato carotenoids are also a colour corrector, reducing redness, and evening the skin tone. We use the highest recommended concentration of this patented technology for a formulation you simply won’t find on drugstore shelves.    

Bonus ingredients

We could write whole scientific papers on the benefits of our full ingredient profile, but to save you the reading time, we’ll try to round them up here! Within the carefully curated blend of our Timeless Elixir, we’ve added healing oils of tamanu seed, virgin marula, broccoli seed, pomegranate seed, chia seed, jojoba, apricot kernelcrambe abyssinia seed and calendula, which offers a full suite of Omega fatty acids and skin benefiting phytochemicals. In addition, oils of sea buckthorn fruit and rosehip add a regenerative boost of vitamin C - arguably the most important nutrient for skin healing and repair. Finally, elements of lavender and frankincense soothe the skin and awaken the senses for a spa-like experience. These rich natural ingredients diminish signs of sun damage and ageing, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. They work to nourish the skin, rebuild the moisture barrier, and balance the complexion. 


The Timeless Elixir is designed to sit on top of your skincare hierarchy. It can be used daily, either alone, or as the finishing touch to your regime to pack in nutrients and moisture from other products, and preserve the lipid barrier. 

With the Timeless Elixir, we’ve worked to create something not just sustainable and luxurious (although it is those things too!) but efficacious in a way that’s noticeable. It doesn’t just feel nice to apply. It doesn’t just smell divine and look pretty on your bathroom counter. It uses ancient botanicals and scientific methods to herald true, visible change for your skin. And we can't wait to see the glow you'll get from our Timeless Elixir.

Much love to you.

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