Self-Love & Self-Awareness

At Peace & Pure, Self-love is one of the most important messages we want to communicate to our audience and customers. We see self-love as an essential ingredient for your emotional wellbeing and success in life. By cultivating more self-love, you also find you have more love to give to others.

We see one essential step for self-love is to cultivate greater self-awareness. Through introspection, you are better able to understand your thoughts, feelings, desires, motives, and overall self. Your reflection equips you with the ability to promote your well-being conscientiously and engaged.

Self-awareness allows you to recognise when you are in need of self-love and when you are actively fostering your self-love. Without self-awareness, you may feel a bit lost with your self-love journey. There are many ways you can cultivate self-awareness we would recommend, which include:

A great way to improve self-awareness through reflection is writing in a journal. Expressive writing in a journal is also beneficial for your overall mental wellbeing. Peace & Pure has also developed our own self-care journal you can download for free to kick start your journaling practice.

Taking a walk
You can’t reflect on yourself when you’re binge-watching Netflix or creating the perfect Instagram post. You need to allow time to quietly be with yourself. One way to eliminate distractions is to take a walk. Walking in nature is proven to reduce anxiety and encourage reflection.

Purposely seek out information and perspectives that are different than yours through books and articles. It allows you to compare your own thoughts and feelings to someone else’s, get at the root of your own beliefs and better define self-awareness.

Taking a test
Personality tests like the 16 Personalities can help you become more self-aware. Do the results contradict with how you view yourself or would you say they’re accurate? Whether you agree or disagree with the results, you’ll get some insight and make you more self-aware.

Practicing mindfulness
Mindfulness practices like meditation, breathwork and yoga can help you be more present and give you time to reflect. At Peace & Pure, we advocate using your routine skincare time as a mini-meditation session, while using purposely made products such as Timeless Elixir to really enhance your routine to a meditative, mindful experience. With the beautiful natural scent and texture intentionally created for your relaxation, while deeply nourish your skin, mind and spirit all the same time.

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