Morning and Evening Rituals: The Peace & Pure Way

Oprah Winfrey attributes her wellbeing to a peaceful and productive morning routine. She begins with 20 minutes of meditation, followed by some flexibility workouts and low impact strength training. She then either goes for a walk or listens to music. She concludes her routine with a healthy, filling breakfast rich in fibre and protein.

As you start to read more about the most peaceful people of planet earth, you’ll find that they treat the hour after waking as precious. Their routines are set and sacrosanct. For many religious and spiritual people, the day begins with prayer or meditation. For athletes and artists alike, carefully tailored rituals can spell the difference between a positive and negative mindset for the day.

Morning rituals 

Some find it easier than others to move straight into a healthy routine upon waking. It requires us to break habits that we’ve held for months or even years. It takes willpower not to hit the snooze button, or start scrolling on our smartphones. But when we reach for our social feeds first thing in the morning, we put our brains into a state of numbness. It’s been found that checking your phone first in the morning can increase stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed, affect your ability to concentrate and prioritise tasks. 

We wanted to let you know there is another way. Happier, calmer, and more productive days are possible. And it all starts with the morning. Here are some short and simple things to implement in your morning routine. 

  • As soon as you awaken, allow yourself to be. 

  • All you need to do for this step is to lie comfortably for 5 minutes, and let yourself slowly wake up. Naturally, tasks and timelines for the day will start to spring to mind. Try to let these pass. Set your intention for the day. How do you want to feel? What would you like to achieve? 

  • It sounds small, but making your bed should always be your first task of the day. 

  • This ritual is so much more than tidiness (although a tidy room boosts feelings of relaxation and self-esteem). It’s about telling yourself that time for rest is over for now. Later in the evening, climbing into a made bed as opposed to crumpled sheets feels so much more like a treat - a reward for the hard work of the day.

  • Complete a skincare routine. 

  • How we present ourselves to the world isn’t necessarily about aesthetics. It’s about holistic self-care. Whether you’re new to skincare or an old hand, the best advice is usually the simplest. 

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise is still a reliable mantra. Try a gentle cream cleanser and wipe clean with a damp cotton cloth or flannel. We love flower waters like rose or chamomile flower water for toners, which help with gentle hydration and softening the skin. For moisturising, apply with a botanical oil facial serum that is boosted with active ingredients, like our Timeless Elixir, replenish the moisture barrier, and protect your skin throughout the day; optionally, add your favourite moisturiser to seal in all the goodness. Then the last step is to apply sunscreen on top, even when it's a cloudy day, and you are just staying indoors

  • Incorporate your SAVERS.

  • These are likely to be the most significant transformative actions for your morning. Extracted from Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning, they’re designed to ease you into new, small habits that will lead to significant changes over time. 

    If you can, dedicate at least 5 minutes to each letter, beginning with S for silence. Just 5 minutes of quiet meditation can calm anxiety and focus your mind. By being present with all our senses, we can engage in better self-love and appreciation. A stands for affirmations. Either say aloud or write down positive mantras of your choice. These can be self-esteem building (“I am confident and powerful”), compassionate (“I am grateful, generous, and kind”) or based on manifestation (“I deserve an abundant life and abundance will find me”). 

    Next, Visualize the goals you wish to achieve. Use your mind as a theatre to play out your dreams. Then allow your subconscious to find ways to make them a reality. E is for exercise. This could be yoga, pilates, weights, aerobics, or even a walk around the block. Getting your heart pumping comes with innumerable benefits for your heart, brain, muscles, immune system, and mental health. 

    R standings for reading. Whether for education, enjoyment, or self-improvement, replace 5 minutes on your phone with 5 minutes buried in a good book.

    Finally, S stands for scribble. The benefits of journaling - whether it’s memories and experiences, thoughts, feelings, or mood tracking - range from stress reduction to improved gratitude to boosting emotional wellbeing.

    Evening rituals 

    A good evening ritual supports readiness for the morning ritual.

  • Start by getting ready for the next day. 

  • Clear your space, prepare your outfit. This will help you to save time and prevent decision fatigue the next day. 

  • Spend a few minutes journaling to reflect on the day. 

  • Write down your feelings, experiences, and points of appreciation. Use a notebook, a word processor, or try Peace & Pure’s free self-care journal download

  • Bath ritual 

  • Gather some bath oil or your favourite essential oil blends, bath salts, and candles. Before getting into your bath, dry brush your body using a dry brush, to exfoliate dead skin away and boost circulation. Add your bath ritual ingredients. While soaking in the warm water, engage your senses. Breath in the aroma of your oils, and imagine breathing out any tension or stress.

    Mindfully dry your body. Massage in your favourite body oil or lotion to replenish lost moisture. As you apply, send love and positive messages to your body, thanking it for its service. 

  •  Skincare ritual

  • This routine can be more indulgent than your morning routine. Start by cleansing your face with an oil-based facial cleanser, balm or oil, to melt away all makeup and your sunscreen.Then use a cream cleanser as the second step to remove any remaining residues. Clean your face with a pure cotton flannel or cloth for a thorough clean and gentle exfoliation.

    Follow with a toner or facial essence. Optionally, you can add a hydrating facial spritz spray to prepare it for the next moisturising step.

    Use a facial serum, either water or oil-based. We prefer oil-based serums with active ingredients, like our Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, as we believe it has a higher penetrative ability into the skin’s layers. Gently massage the serum into the skin until it's fully absorbed. For maximum stimulation and absorption, use a guasha or roller after you applying your facial oil.

    Finish with your favourite moisturiser to seal in all the nutrients. For extra care, apply a facemask once or twice a week before your daily skincare routine, depending on how your skin feels.

    A gentle reminder: at every step of your routine, be mindful. Feel your skin, feel your touch, feel the oils and lotions as you massage them onto your skin. Don’t criticise blemishes or wrinkles; don’t judge your features as you go. Address your reflection only with loving-kindness.

    Optional extras to enhance your rituals:

    • Listen to relaxing music while enjoying your rituals
    • Burn sage or incense sticks of your choice 
    • Add crystals, flowers, or other objects you find beautiful beside you
    • Have an essential oil burner or diffuser
    • Sip something soothing like green, herbal, or matcha tea
    • Dim the lights in the evening and light up candles
    For the crowning glory to your daily rituals, view our Timeless Elixir here.

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