Looking After your Mental Health & Wellbeing Since Coming Out of Lockdown

At Peace and Pure, we are advocates of self-love, caring for yourself and checking in with your emotional wellbeing daily. Mental Health Awareness Month occurs throughout the month of May. And we are raising awareness and supporting others who have experienced turbulence throughout their life, especially during the pandemic.

As we have all experienced, the multiple lockdowns we have lived through over the last 12 months have changed the way we live, social restrictions have turned our planet upside down and we have been forced to live in isolation. In effect, both men and women’s mental health has suffered. Statistically, 27% of women had reported increases in challenges in relation to mental health illness. Similarly, 11% of men feel the same.

Lockdown living has become the new normal for us in society, so much so that the idea of going back out into the world can seem challenging. We are here to share that it is ok to feel uncertain, anxious and apprehensive about coming out of lockdown. 

We wanted to end this month and share 5 ways on how to help find peace during the cloudy haze you might be feeling. 

1. Check-in with your Thoughts

Journaling is a good habit to create mindfulness. Writing down your thoughts and experiences relieve stress, as well as reducing the affects of depression. We have created our own Free Self-Care Journal for you to download, which includes a place to align your goals, with a self-care menu. Start your journaling journey here. 

2. Do not feel Obliged to Socialise

Remember you are on the pathway of your own life, do not judge your actions, your feelings and your thoughts against others. We live in a digital prominent world and unfortunately, we see people’s livelihoods through social media highlights. We advise having a 30-minute digital detox per day to help you refocus your wellbeing. 

3. Have a Consistent Skincare Routine 

We believe your skincare routine has the power to be a healing ritual. We created the Timeless Elixir Facial Serum to form an essential part of that ritual, enlivening your senses and uplifting your spirit. Our Serum is enhanced by the power of nature and helps to nourish, hydrate and smooth your complexion. Treat yourself here.

4- Look After Your Body. 

Your body is your home so please treat it with love and kindness. There are several ways to look after your body: surround yourself with nature and go for a thirty-minute walk or spend one evening cooking a nourishing meal and reading your favourite book. A personal favourite is a bathing ritual. Bathing is a cleansing process for both the body but the mind. Adding your favourite candle, a glass of wine and relaxing music makes it heavenly.

5- Reminder: It is ok to not be ok. 

Please do not beat yourself up for feeling this way. It is completely normal. If you are feeling negative, anxious and alone, reach out to your closest friends, reach out to charities including Mind Charity who share extensive resources. And please remember we are always here to support you. Join our Facebook Community here.

We hope that these small but important acts of self-love and self-care will guide you through the changes of lockdown.

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