How to Manifest Your Beauty and Wellness Goals in 2023

For many years, manifesting has been one of the most popular buzzwords in the wellness community. Manifestation is the process of transforming your goals, dreams, feelings, mindset and lifestyle from an idea into reality. It is about using your thoughts and beliefs to bring things into physical existence.

Most commonly, people manifest their goals in terms of their health, relationships, finances and careers. In this blog post we'd like to focus on manifesting your Beauty and Wellness goals in the New Year. 

Below we share Peace & Pure’s Step by Step guide on how you can manifest your Beauty and Wellness goals, though can also use the same principles to manifest your other goals and desires. Let 2023 be the year to heighten our energies, believe in our dreams, and work to make them a reality!

Step 1: Reflect

Acknowledging and Reflecting on the Present:

  • Create your current beauty and wellness profile. In your journal or on a sheet of paper, rate the current health of your skin, hair, nails, body, energy and moods from 1 to 5.
  • Notice the areas you want to improve and the areas of yourself you are content with.
  • Reflect on the reasons and your self-concepts that may lead to your current situation for each area.

Step 2: Set Up Your Goals

Looking back at your reflections, create a few goals that in your ideal world, what would you like to see. Be clear and specific on what your beauty and wellness goals are. For example, is it a clear, healthy and glowing complexion? A toned and healthy body? More energy? Feel relaxed and less stress? etc.

Step 3: Affirm you already have what you desire.

The secret to manifesting is to believe in your desires and embody the person who already has them. Achieving everything you want is about truly feeling as if you already possess it, and exuding the necessary energy to affirm it. Your routine and discipline along with your belief will lead your desires into reality.

Some helpful affirmations related to your beauty and wellness could be:

  • I am beautiful.
  • My skin is healthy and clear.
  • I am healthy and full of energy.
  • I am relaxed and I overcome any challenges coming my way.
  • I am well supported and loved.

Step 4: Visualise and Imagine

Creating Vision boards can keep you motivated and inspire you every day. Ask yourself these questions - “What do I envision myself to look and feel like?” Envision yourself feeling so and reflect that on your vision board:

  • Gather a variety of images that convey the looks, values, surroundings, and wellness activities you envision yourself embodying and create a few collages.
  • Put your vision boards somewhere you can see every day. This can be on your desktop wallpaper, mobile lock screen or in your office.

If you are not up to vision board creation, you can also create a scenery in your mind and visualise yourself already accomplished your beauty and wellness goals. Feel and act as if it already happened. Do so often and consistently and see the magic unfold in your world.

In summary

We are all incredibly powerful beings and we can control our lives even if sometimes we think it’s impossible. For manifestation to work it takes a great deal of self-awareness, as only by being aware of our limiting beliefs and thinking errors we can change and improve them and act accordingly to lead to our desired reality. That is why at Peace & Pure strongly promote mindfulness and meditation, which are great practices to enhance your self-awareness.

Remember you are not alone in this manifesting journey. Be consistent, patient and have faith in all your goals, things will fall into place, and Peace & Pure is here to cheer you on. :)

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