Holistic Care of The Skin

An honest view of skincare

Your skin is self-repairing, self-maintaining and constructed from nutrients provided by your diet. Skincare products can only do so much to make a difference to the way it looks. If you’re seeking a ‘cure’ for your skincare issues, then you need to look holistically at your mind and body, your mental and emotional state and your lifestyle choices you make. Poor diet, dehydration, smoking, not enough exercise and lack of sleep due to stress and feeling overwhelmed, will all cause your skin to protest.

Skincare products can help, but they only play a secondary role, amplifying the effects of positive lifestyle choices. Even then, you need to make sure the skincare products you use are the very best and healthiest you can afford;  products that offer the best nutrition, nourishing your skin and even uplifting your spirit.

Skin Food

Your skin is the first line of defence for your immune system.  When it comes into contact with foreign substances that it doesn’t recognise as being beneficial to the skin, these substances may be rejected, not absorbed at all or cause harm to the skin.

Just as you want to eat healthy and nutritional meals to nourish your body, when you apply skincare products to your skin – the largest organ of your body – you need to supply it with natural and nutritional ingredients that it can recognise and digest, so that it can give you the skincare results you’re looking for.

Your skin communicates with internal and external forces daily, and it needs to maintain the right balance to function optimally. Holistic skincare is the act of carefully formulating products and engaging in lifestyle practices that support the mind, body, and spiritual connection to keep these systems in equilibrium.

Timeless Elixir was created with this knowledge and intention in mind, to be the ultimate skin-food and mood enhancer. Applied with love and care every day, I’m confident it will help you achieve a healthier and younger-looking skin.

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