6 Holistic Habits For Great Skin

At Peace & Pure, we believe that taking good care of the health of your mind and body holistically is essential for achieving healthy and radiant skin. Simple and small changes to your daily habits can have lasting positive effects on your skin. To get started, we encourage you to adopt below holistic habits for best skincare results:

  • Hydrate Your Body

Water plays a vital role in maintaining and repairing tissues, removing body waste, and keeping our cells functioning properly. Drinking water can do wonders for ensuring good health and supple skin. Besides relying on your skincare products for hydration, drinking enough water should be the foundation for keeping your skin hydrated.

Peace & Pure Tip: We believe everyone has different needs for hydration, try hydration calendars can help you understand how much water you need to drink daily. And downloading a reminder app on your phone is helpful too.

  • Balanced Nutrition

Beautiful skin starts with your diet. If you want to achieve healthy skin, you need a well-balanced diet. There's truth in the mantra "you are what you eat," foods control our health to a large extent, and It is known that refined sugar, processed meat, alcohol and fried foods can all affect the appearance of your skin, playing a role in acne, premature ageing, and even triggering eczema and rosacea symptoms.

Peace & Pure Tip: A plant-based diet may be the most beneficial option if you want to lower inflammation and support the structure of your skin. During busy days, nutritional supplements are a quick and easy solution.

  • Prioritise Relaxation

We’ve all experienced stress, it’s even becoming a part of modern living. Prolonged stress leads to stress hormone imbalance in our body, leading to the likeliness of clogged pores, breakouts as well as dehydration, and premature ageing. Studies show that both acute and chronic stress can exert negative effects on overall skin wellness, as well as exacerbate a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, and hair loss. With all this in mind, it is important that we all take time to unwind when we can and practice mindful living.

Peace & Pure Tip: Becoming aware when tension arises in our body, taking deep breaths throughout the day, taking regular breaks in working hours, and incorporating the body scanning method into your bedtime routine are a few ways we can use to reduce stress.

  • Wear Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from environmental stress, especially from sun damage is crucial for your skin health. Not protecting your skin from UV rays can damage your skin cells and age your skin prematurely.

Peace & Pure Tip: Always wear sunscreen in your morning routine, no matter it’s the summer or winter season, indoors or outdoors. Remember to protect areas like the lips, ears, and neck as well as your face.

  • Move Your Body

Exercise aids in better blood circulation. When this happens the nutrients in the blood are better delivered to your skin cells, which means your skin becomes well-nourished. Moreover, the efficient blood flow aids in detoxifying your system resulting in a better complexion.

Peace & Pure Tip: on busy days when you don't have time for gym or yoga classes, try taking the stairs, or walking more by taking off one stop early on your way to and from work as an alternative.

  • Use Skincare Products Enriched with Botanical Extracts

What we put on our face matters, skin care products made from botanical ingredients are safe, full of beneficial nutrients, provide anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits, and are even earth-friendly. 

Our Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, it is formulated with an efficacious blend of 20 natural botanical ingredients which contain powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, C and E, the award-winning formula helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, restore radiance and protect skin from environmental damage.

Peace & Pure Tip: add a facial oil made of natural ingredients to your skincare routine. Use it alone or mix a drop or two to your daily moisturiser. 


In summary, beauty and wellness are intertwined concepts. Our state of being has a determining factor in our skin health. Remember habits are created through daily repetition, and small changes repeated daily can lead to great results. By incorporating the above habits into your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to achieving healthier, more radiant skin.

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